Wednesday, June 20


Team Navy wins again!

As the game went on (we were playing White, a team with two the 4 WSL captains for whom I've played, Sonny and Michele. The other two are Julie.), I started to feel that the team was moving together as a unit instead of as a bunch of individuals. There were glimpses of this earlier, but there were some extended moments as this game went on. We're starting to learn each other's games and preferences. And our women just keep on running for everything. That never hurts.

I had possibly my best overall game thus far as I threw ~5 or 6 goals and caught 5 or 6 (including a HUGE bomb from Sardo early in the game) to go with some Ds. That was nice. I also felt more confident and comfortable actively taking in more visual cues ("Whole Field") in hopes of making more informed decisions on the field. Admittedly, this level is a bit easier to read than the level at which Pike plays, but this slight improvement is but a step on the path.

I love getting opportunities to pull in summer league. I get the chance to try more aggressive pulls, work on the height that gets me the most distance, work on the height that gets me the most hangtime with a little less distance, dial in my preferred landing spots given variables like type of D, wind, who you expect to be catching the pull, etc. There are so many skills to improve in ultimate. I love the possibilities. I love getting into the tiny alterations and decisions teams and individuals can make. The almost-imperceptible skills that come into play once or twice a tournament but finish with game-altering plays.

I'm a sports junkie.
Workout Total
90 min summer league
10 min stretching

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