Friday, June 22

The Redshirts Are Coming!

Pike and our fetching red jerseys will be headed to the Boston Invitational tomorrow.

Somehow, there's another cockamamie travel scheme afoot involving people from Philly, Allentown and Jersey City taking the same car to Boston to stay in a friend's place not close to the fields. I'm sure we'll do a number of dumb things because we'll be a car full of dumb ultimate players. Our arrival will be late and I will likely be asleep in the car for long stretches. Some things never change.

Pike's bringing a more than full roster this weekend (As we are wont to do). This tournament always requires a strange balance for our team as we try to work it as a both a tryout and competitive tournament. That is, we have tryouts, but we're subbing to win. I happily have nothing at all to do with subs. If I were charged with reconciling those two notions, my brain might pop.

As for the competition, we'll be facing Boston, PoNY and Medmen in pool play. That's a good pool in terms of different styles of play and interest in the teams. Boston is the new conglomerate on the block and this may give some indicator of what they'll be like as a team. PoNY got some new pickups and seem more confident coming into this season than they have been of late. Medmen are always a dangerous team and seem to be growing/progressing as a team as they play together. After Pike's disappointing 06, what will we bring to the table in 07?

It should be exciting!
Workout Total:
30-45 min stretching (planned)


wix said...

dumb ultimate players? speak for yourself. on paper, i'm brilliant.

that said, we will definitely be arriving Chez Slam at 3am...

dusty.rhodes said...


"C'mon, [I] shine so bright when I walk by / You gotta squint like the motherfucking sun in your eye"

I'm setting the over/under at 2am.