Saturday, June 16

How will I get to practice this week?

I mean, I've got to go all the way to Philly this weekend.

That's about 2 hours by car, but again, I don't have a car. I'll try to catch a train and then ride down with Dono. Leave the apartment at ~7am and arrive at practice at ~9:30am. So far. The dumb things I do for this sport...

Practice gets going with a quick game to 3 after our warmups. The D team gets and early chance and I throw a goal-line turnover on a throw that I've had since 1999. Damn. I need to make sure I've got that throw at the beginning of the game... what went wrong there? Which part of the equation wasn't quite right? I come to the conclusion that it was my hips. I generally warm them up well, but this time around I seem to have forgotten something and instead of getting low and throwing, I leaned over and threw. Bad Dusty! I had another turnover on another throw that I would throw 100 times out of 100. It was a continuation to Schmucker and it just went a little long. Bad again! That one was just a matter of letting the disc hang at a different altitude instead of just off the ground. With a couple of inches more height on it (to say nothing of the couple feet higher it could have been without any trouble), it would have been a perfect breakside continuation. It wasn't. We lost this game 0-3. Ouch. I did, however, get to D Jamie's huck in this one. That's always fun.

We worked on O/D near the disc and some basic plays during the practice and included 2 more games. In the next game to 3, the D team came out with a bunch more energy and focus to win 3-1. In the final game of the day, the rubber match, we played to 7 with double scores for every odd point. I'm not sure how it happened, but we ended up losing this one as well. I got another D, but did not do enough facilitation on offense to make my team win. First practice with a losing record. Damn.

Later in the evening, we went to Ian's place for a BBQ. Good number of people out. Heckman and I ran the table for a bunch of rounds of cups or whatever that game with the plastic cups on top of the tent poles is called. I lost another round of Blokus Trigon. To be fair, I always play against TC and he's far more experienced as a player. In fact, he's somewhat dominating. That being said, I'd rather have him in the game than out of it because that way when I win, it'll be against someone who knows what he's doing.

Blokus Trigon Record: 0-2
Practice Record: 10-4
Workout Total:
4 hours practice


Ryan Todd said...

Is the team finalized yet? How many are you bringing up to Boston this weekend?

Big 3 pm matchup on Saturday. I need to keep my perfect record against Pike intact...

dusty.rhodes said...

Not sure for specifics, but I get the feeling (based on the huge roster coming this weekend) that we haven't made final cuts at this point.

3pm = gametime, the fuck.