Thursday, June 7

ERP Track Club

Started this season's incarnation of the ERP Track Club.

What, might you ask, is the ERP Track Club? Well, it is me trying to get people I know to work out with me in the city. I do my workouts, which people are welcome to join, and other people do their team's workouts (Zac did the Puppet Regime workout, for example). After that bit, we can get some skills/drills in as well as some general fitness work. Much easier to train with people than "all by [your] onesies, savvy?" The latter is basically what I've done for the past 4 years with Pike. Gotta push myself further. Gotta do better. This is one way to accomplish that. We had an abbreviated Track Club season last year (until they shut down the track in June or July until November) and that was great. This year, I want it to be bigger and better.

The workout for this meeting consisted of the following:

Lower Body Plyos:
Bent over ankle bounce 3x50
Barrier jumps, 4x6
1-leg step up jump 4x6 per leg
1 leg speed hop 3x25yds per leg
Shock lunges 4x5 per leg
30 yard acceleration runs x3
Squat jump 2x10
60 seconds rest between sets/exercises

5min rest

General Conditioning (12Min):
2 minutes burpees
2 minutes rest
8x20sec on/10sec off pushups
8x20sec on/10sec off squats

Throwing when Tired
Variations on the 4 man break drill

This was a great workout. I could feel it during the workout and I knew that I would be sore for a couple of days in that good way. I was also very happy that I had finished the leg circuit work over the previous 6 weeks. Otherwise, this might have killed me. Poor Andy and Rossi might be dead now. I have no evidence either way.

Attendees this week were: Zac, Rossi, Andy and Julie.
Workout Total:
35 min Explosive Strength
12 min Interval Work
30 min Skill Work

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Andy said...

I knew when I wasn't very sore at all when I woke up Friday that I was in for it.

As the day progressed I felt more and more like the tin man after a lower-body salt-water bath.

Saturday was tough.

Then Sunday was better.

Today I'm exactly where I thought I'd be - at the point where I can say "whew, I feel better, now, when's the next workout? Oh. Shit."