Tuesday, June 19

End of Ball

Our basketball team didn't show up for the game today.

I mean, we were there, we just didn't *show up,* y'know? We lost by an embarrassingly large margin to a team that we had manhandled earlier in the season. I was only useful playing defense as I hadn't touched (possibly even looked at) a basketball since our last game about 2 weeks back. I was having a tough time dribbling and shooting. It wasn't hard to pivot, pass, or play D as that's what ultimate is about, but the rest of it seemed like a foreign concept.

This happens at about this time every year. My focus really begins to narrow on ultimate. I mean, I think it is pretty obvious that I think about ultimate regularly, but at about June, my interest in other things drops off the table, so to speak. I blame this on a number of things, but the most consistent variable at this time of year is the finish of the NBA playoffs. There are no longer any sports I want to watch on TV (aside from the occasional soccer match broadcast en Espanol). Basketball is over, football has a couple of months before it gets going, and I haven't been into baseball's regular season since the strike in the early 90s. Postseason is a different things as the story arcs are shortened into a smaller number of directly related games instead of a mammoth 162 game season of tangentially related games. At least that's my perspective.

Also did an abbreviated version of the plyo work I've been doing over the last 2 weeks when I got up this morning.
Workout Total:
44 min Basketball
20 min explosive strength
20min stretching (x2)

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