Monday, June 11

Summer League Victory!


We pulled to .500! It was a tight one all the way as we bested Mango (home of number one overall draft pick, Seth Canetti) 15-12. My throws were really bladey in this game, which was not so good. I also fell prey to the classic blunder for an open player playing mixed ultimate of really rifling it deep to a couple of women as if they had catching spheres of my Pike teammates. I'll iron this out as the season goes along. Just an extra second to realize to whom I'm throwing, which is not something I usually take into account.

I also had a fun greatest attempt that turned a sure turnover on a high floaty OB swing pass to me into a 60 yard gain. I also strained my quad a little on this play. It almost felt like a cramp, by wasn't quite that. I think I've been overworking a bit with the new plyo routing combined with summer league. Just growing pains as a part of getting into the heart of the summer and the beginning of the most intense training period for the season. I might take it easy tomorrow and try to get a good workout in after summer league on Wednesday, followed by plyos on Friday.

We took an early 3-1 lead playing 6 to their 7 which was sweet. It's an oddly fun challenge for a couple of points, but then grows old. It reminds me of the O/D zone scrimmage that we for the O's benefit with Pike 04/05. 8 person zone against 7 person O. The O would consistently tear through the defense and win the scrimmage. That's the reason Pike had such success for two years. The O-team was almost incomprehensibly consistent (Other Notable Exception: Come-from-ahead loss to Johnny Bravo in '04 power pool). That trend continued until we saw Jam in the quarters in '05 and got manhandled. Jim Schoettler, in particular, killed us in that game.

1-1 in summer league
Workout Total:
90 min summer league

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