Thursday, June 14

So Tarr Wants a Graffiti War?

It was a strange sight in the PATH.

There I was, admiring some wonderful poster whose creator was thoughtful enough to depict a product that I might want to purchase. It was a digital something or other that would surely make my wholly unsatisfying and unorganized life more closely resemble the opposite of both the former and latter. I bet I would feel hip if I purchased this product. Maybe even tech-savvy.

As I perused the list of contacts shown on the poster depicting a screenshot of this computerized whatever, I noted that there was a "T" in black ink scrawled over some hapless and ill-respected "B." As I looked closer, I saw that the first name of the imaginary person whose imaginary name was defaced was Adam. His last name was originally Barr, but now it read "Tarr, Adam."

Very sly of you, sir. To send some young misguided ultimate miscreant to the lovely Garden State for the sole purpose of spreading your crazy format gospel. Devious tactic, indeed.

To be sure, this brought a ton of thoughts to my mind at the time. First, could there possibly be some other Adam Tarr? Yeah, sure. More interesting to me is to act as if it were somehow related to the frisbee world's Tarr. Would he have done that? Would it be stranger for someone else to have done it or for him to have done it? Then I got on the notion of name recognition in ultimate and how odd it is that anyone is recognized for doing anything in this silly sport. What an odd enclave we've carved out for ourselves here. Be wary if you see Christopher Guest lurking in the shadows.

Anyway, that's all. Today was a rest day. Just stretching.
Workout Total:
30 Min Stretching


jsa said...

wait, what music is on tap?

oh, I guess this isn't RSD...

funny the things we become known for.

John said...

how brilliant would a chris guest ultimate movie be. a documentary about some masters team. i can't wait

dusty.rhodes said...

ex-fucking-actly for chris guest. why stop at masters? any team i can think of would have the requisite nuts to satisfy his style of parody.

i thought about providing music on tap for the blog, but it don't feel right. (like "don't feel right" from game theory by the roots.) that can remain the rsd aspect of my multi-faceted (in the modern lit sense) self.

it is definitely odd to consider the the things people find memorable about you. or, for that matter, what you see fit to remember about others...

Tarr said...

I feel like Malkovich when he goes down the tunnel. This is... odd.

According to the UPA folks, there is another Adam Tarr playing Ultimate, astoundingly enough. I think he plays for some college team in Connecticut.

I think it's especially weird for me to be slightly famous in the community, since it is not at all for my play.

Shit, now I'm really wondering whether this graffiti guy knows me.

dusty.rhodes said...

That's the beauty of it. It isn't necessarily probable, rather it is just plausible enough to nag your brain and make you wonder...

I never thought so many people would ask me what was "on tap" or say things like "oh, you're the 'music on tap' guy, right?"