Tuesday, June 12

ERP Track Club Rained Out!

So I took a rest day instead.

I watched the open finals from 06 Nationals again. You can start to see and understand the offensive progressions for each team if you do a little slow-mo action and watch the players and their eyes/movement carefully. This is part of working to take in more visual cues. If I see these things develop slowly and constantly focus on predicting what will happen next, I can put myself in the head of my potential opponent for a moment and determine what a defense could do to counter his next move. I love the minutiae of it all.

I find it very exciting that the game of ultimate is so young, strategically. Go, for example, is a fantastic game whose strategy has evolved over thousands of years. Chess? Hundreds. Same for various sports over time. As ultimate evolves, we gain progressively more video evidence of the evolution of the game in terms of strategy and the like. You can see styles of play emerge and vie for dominance over time and work to an in-depth understanding of the styles of each offense. As you watch more and more ultimate closely, more and more detail emerges out of the simple game. It doesn't quite rival "The Beautiful Game" of soccer at this point, but there are moments... There are moments...
Workout Total:
30 min stretching

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