Friday, June 8

Logical, Empowered Skeptics

Not much in the way of ultimate today.

Of course, I've always got something to say. Therefore I'm gonna talk up a sweet podcast from The Princeton Review: LSAT Logic in Everyday Life (also available on iTunes). The topic, well... read the previous sentence. The guy (Andrew Brody) who records it stone cold knows his stuff. The aim is to apply logic, and logic only, to various current events.

You don't really need to be interested in the LSAT specifically to enjoy the podcast, but a basic familiarity with the test will help understand the point of view put forth. What you do need is a willingness to challenge yourself (or not depending on how often you put yourself in a purely logical frame of mind) and think through arguments instead of reacting to them.

In any case, give it a listen sometime and figure out for yourself if it is, indeed, interesting. If you're planning on taking the LSATs in the future, this could serve to get you in the right frame of mind. In the end, I figure that everyone's got 6-10 minutes per week to dedicate to logical thinking.

One final note: The podcast is much funnier if you imagine Andrew playing the piano and speaking the intro simultaneously.
Workout Total:
10 min core
30 min stretching

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