Monday, August 13


Vacation is over.


Ultimate is back.


I'll get back to posting on a pretty much daily basis in the coming days. To that end, I figured this is as good an event in space-time as any to explain some of the process that I go through for this shit-can blog.

As you've undoubtedly noticed, I try to write everyday. As I'm sure you've also noticed, I don't necessarily post every day. This is because I actually have a job and a semi-charmed/so-called life and shit. Okay, that was probably the worst pair of references I've made thus far on the blog, but I've got chances to one-up them yet. If you really want the awful references/puns, you'll just have to listen to me in person.

Anyway, the way it works is that every day I at least jot a couple of thoughts down either in the blogger interface or on a good old-fashioned pen and paper interface that I keep in my bag. I try to just type an entry, but time is a bastard, what with only 24 hours in the day and all. If I was only able to jot notes, I then go back and start with those ideas, aim at the second star to the right and type straight on till morning. Sometimes I don't get the opportunity to do that for a while. In this particular instance, I've got a backlog of about a month's time. Not 30 entries, mind you (I will not be recapping my vacation, for example) but more like 14 entries that are all in various states of incompletion.

Oh yeah, I also get distracted by shiny objects on something approaching alarming regularity.

Back to the vacation for a couple of quick notes:

  • JK Rowling is not a great writer. She is, however, a somewhat exceptional storyteller. I read all 7 of those damn books over vacation. Each one from 4-7 took about a day a piece. 6 is likely the best, for my money.
  • The Inner Game of Tennis is a MUST READ for any serious athlete. And everyone else.
  • Rodrigo y Gabriela are absolutely incredible (thanks to Josh and Julie for that recommendation!)
  • Training on the sand is still a great experience. Suicides and cutting drills are just out of this world difficult. I love it.
Looking forward:
That's all for now. Gotta finish up the work I left for myself after vacation before I get to summer league...
Workout Total (planned):
90 minutes ultimate
8 minutes Tabata Interval work ("dump D shuffles"/90 sec rest/burpees)

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