Wednesday, August 15

Finish it on a down note!

That's right, we lost our last regular season summer league game.

9-14 to Dark Green. Kinda unbelievable in the way that we lost too. One guy on their team (Jon Palmer?) scored well over half of their points by essentially standing in the endzone and asking for a jump ball. Which his teammates would inevitably throw because, well, the guy is 6'3" and can jump and catch. When I was covering him, it almost comical. The very first point that they scored on us (to put the game at 1-1) was a perfect example of it. As I went to jump, I realized that he was already in the air and just gave him an extra boost. I mean, I play pretty good defense, but this guy's got 6 inches on me. Even my extra-long monkey-arms can't make up that much if the player I'm matched up against is smart and aggressive, which he was. After that first one, I would consistently get my fingers on the disc just after he caught it, but that just ain't good enough.

The other thing that was killing our team was a terrible case of the dropsies. It was strange because our receivers would come down with some fantastic catches for goals and then everyone would drop wide open passes in the rest of the field. This was particularly irritating as the other team tended to play zone D against us in no wind. I handled a lot and threw many things into the open dead space downfield that hit receivers in the chest with no defender within 3-4 yards only to have him/her gack it. So strange.

I played well overall, aside from letting that tall guy sky me repeatedly, as my throws were on the money all night. this was a welcome change from Monday night's game when it seemed like I had never throw before in my life.
Workout Total:
90 minutes ultimate

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