Friday, August 31

Wait... September??

Where did the year go?

So much has happened in 2007... most of the ultimate-related stuff is here in the blog, but even outside of that... Every year gives something so different. I mean hell, once we get to June 08, I'll have been out of High School for 10 whole years!

Which also means in September 08, I'll reach my tenth year of ultimate. Well, to be accurate I had played one or two games before that at CTY, but then again, I never played in a tournament until April 99 (Yup, Sectionals with 8 people).

In either case, I have often read that the 10 year mark is when you really begin to learn how to do it. That seems about right to me, as there are things I'm learning about ultimate now that I never even thought to think of before. The levels of strategy, skills and the like that reveal themselves to the dedicated player are endless. Little tiny cues that I used to have to actually process when given (my defender is shifting his weight, I can change direction now, or the thrower I'm marking is unbalanced-- he cannot recover from this fake and so forth, the defender has turned his head-- my man is open, and so on) now are just things I react to without consciously processing.

Anyway, looking forward to practice tomorrow.
Workout total:
20 min stretching
20 min explosive strength
90 minutes throwing in Central Park


John said...

september, i'll remeber
a love once new has now grown old

dusty.rhodes said...

a little April, Come She Will, Eh?

I was always partial to September of My Years.

The Chairman of the Boards was/is dope as hell.

Not that there isn't room for both.