Tuesday, August 28

To the Track!

Did some track work today.

I was excited to push through some longish distances (200s) as I've been missing that last10 yards of acceleration when tracking down deep shots. I also finally tracked down the distance of my runs to the track. I found out that it is a 1.8 mile run to get there. 1.8 miles in 15 minutes while doing intervals determined by stoplights is pretty solid, I think. Hard sprints followed by rest at the redlights. Good stuff. Also, the 1.8 mile walk back to the office to get my stuff before I go home is a great opportunity to stretch out the legs and calm down before I deal with people again. Also, keeping up a brisk pace on the walk with long strides is a great way to get ready for the stretching that is coming after the walk.As an aside, I also discovered that I walk at least 1.5 miles to/from work everyday. That probably helps me stay in shape on a somewhat minor level, but it is way better than commuting by car and the like.

Somewhat analogous to yesterday's entry on ultimate stuff, I also thought a bout what makes my workouts not suck:

iPod Shuffle
I need music when I run. This is because I don't like running.

Interval Watch
No specific link, but it needs to be able to do repeat intervals and intervals of various lengths. Otherwise it is a waste. I find that rest seconds go by so much faster when they are actually seconds as opposed to me counting to myself.

I'm feeling great about my fitness level. Especially knowing that the things I need to improve are already scheduled as a part of the plan.
Workout Total:
15 minute interval run from office to track (rest/sprint times dependent upon whims of stoplight gods)
4x200 (1:15 rest between each) Times: 27, 27, 28, 26
8x100 (walk 100 for rest) 13s all the way through, focus on quick, powerful steps early for acceleration. Then ride out the speed with longer strides. Rest the walk back to the start line.
8x20 seconds on 10 seconds off of burpees.
30 minute walk back to office
20 minutes stretching

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