Monday, August 27

My Favorite Ultimate-Related Crap

Unbelievably tired today.

I called off of work due to the aforementioned dehydration and the like. I would have been completely worthless at work. I did manage a low-level stretch/workout today, but nothing to major. I did, however, take a moment to think about some of the things that make tournaments better for me, personally:

This is a perfect tournament chair. Travels easily, comfortable and larger than you think. Very sturdy Swedish-made. As a fellow nordic-type, I feel comfortable recommending things from Sweden. This chair is pretty much awesome. Too bad I left mine behind after a 4th of July Hat Tourney at Edgely. All attempts to locate it failed miserably. The chairs are a little expensive (40 bucks? I don't recall.) but entirely worth it, so long as you don't lose yours.

Ultima Replenisher
Completely dopey website, but a perfect drink for me while playing a tournament. No sugar, plenty of good-for-you vitamins, minerals, salt and the like. Maybe a little pricier than Gatorade (I don't know since I don't drink the stuff) but wholly worth it. Also, a great hangover recovery beverage.

Cleat Dryer
As mentioned before, dry cleats are better than wet cleats. Hands down.

New Balance Cleats
These cleats are phenomenal. And available in widths. I can't put to words how much of a difference getting a pair of great cleats that actually fit my feet has made. Unbelievable. I can cut without pain, play without damaging the bones in my feet, and actually move quickly on the field.

Thorlo Socks
Tons of cushioning, moisture wicking socks. I switched to these 5 years ago and have never looked back. I'm told they have thin socks too, but who wants that?

Under Armour HeatGear
Everyone asks me if I'm hot when I wear these during the summer, but I'm not. It keeps the sun from bearing down directly on my skin, it keeps me cool by helping the sweat evaporate, and it minimizes the number of open wounds I have at the end of a tournament. All good things.

Patagonia MLC (All the way down on the right)
This bag is the perfect size for ultimate-related (and other) travel. Two pairs of cleats, all jerseys and the like, other clothes and assorted accoutrement (like the Walkstool above) all fit into the bag. It fits into the overhead carry-on compartment. Perfect. Back when we had the extra-sweet deal from Patagonia (now we're down the regular deal) I picked this one up and it has paid off. No wheels, but that's for pansies. Who carries enough heavy stuff to ultimate tourneys to need wheels?

Dry Hands
This, interestingly, keeps your hands dry. I don't find rain to be much of an issue int he first place, but those days when I can't stop sweating, my grip is a little off. So, beforehand, I put this on. Problem solved.

Dr. Bronner's Soap
Liquid Soap. Great for traveling/camping. I prefer the peppermint variety because it really wakes me up in the morning while stretching in the shower on gameday.

Tiger Balm
On those rare occasions when my body isn't cooperating, the unique smell of Tiger Balm fills the air. I don't question it. I just know that it helps loosen my muscles up when I need it. I've also had at least one teammate who swore by rubbing some just under his nose to "tiger himself up." He felt that it woke him up when he wasn't quite in the game. I bet it did...

Neutrogena sunscreen
Works all day for me. Put it on just before warmups, don't worry about the sun for the rest of the day. Looks girly, works like a charm. I only get burnt when I forget to put it on, or use some other sunscreen that I expect to work as well.

Recovery drink. This stuff just works. End of story.
Workout Total:
30 minutes full active/dynamic warmups
10 minutes wobble board
20 minutes stretching

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