Friday, August 17


For Summer League

1. Rebecca Tucker (Deceptisomethings!) wins Coed MVP.
2. My team faces hers in the final.
3. Will "Trash" Reed wins Open MVP.
4. Who knows what happens in the open final.

It should be a fun time. I think the biggest lesson I learned about my summer league team is that we play better when we're having fun. It seems obvious, but it is vital to our success. It can be tough in this particular league full of people who are constantly on the verge of fighting over any perceived sleight.

I, personally, have no problem getting into it with people when they start the argument, as my play isn't really affected, but I've discovered that when I do that while I'm playing with this summer league team, I negatively impact my teammates. Which is never good.

Anyway, tomorrow should be fun!
Workout Total:
10 Min Balance Board
10 Min Core


gapoole said...

Is Will Reed really that good?

dusty.rhodes said...

Will Reed is neither good nor bad, but "Trash." This is a whole other category. He cannot be contained your simple binary system.

Another way of asking that question would be "Is the Open Division at Wudi really that bad?"

Neither is right, but the question you ask determines the answer you're likely to receive.

Is Seth Canetti (coed MVP) really that good? I don't know, but I'd pick him in the first round. That's gotta be the base-level criteria for an MVP, right? To make the parallel: If I were picking in the open league in 07, Will Reed would make the list.

In ultimate (devoid of stats, worthwhile recaps and the like) I'm not sure you can argue with any MVP given that they meet both the "first-round draft pick" and "if you played that team, and that player was present, you know who s/he is" criteria.

gapoole said...

He's hard to miss, that's for sure. I unfortunately got the shaft from him twice: he proposed to form an open club team, I went to their "tryout pickups" and then the whole thing fell apart; he invited me to join his Wildwood team, then never told me that he joined up with other people. Then I ran into him at a party in New Brunswick. He really wanted to share with me his fifth of John Daniels.

dusty.rhodes said...

That all sounds about par for the course...