Sunday, May 20

Bell Crack Day Two

"Woke this morning to the stinging lash."

The day started facing Harpoon in the Quarterfinals. We faced them last year in the quarterfinals. This was a pretty tight game. They may have been ahead at some point, but I'm not sure. Fellow NYU alum, Matt Leventhal, was on this team. They like to huck. Kelley Miller v Rebecca Tucker was fun for us to watch. I think they went 4 women most of the time on O. That was cool with us. It seemed like our women were more eager to play than our men. 15-12 or so, our victory.

Semis was against Smartwhores who, as you might imagine, are Swarthmore alums. Get it? Brandon, our resident Swatlum, was ready to give us all kinds of scouting information. And then all I heard was something someone else was saying. Ross was playing a few points here and there for them. Yet another player from CTY. This one was not nearly as close. College and recent college grad teams tend to give you the disc a lot. They were no exception, though they certainly didn't look bad. 15-9 or so victory.

Ah, the Finals! Time to take out some Tight Ass Country Club Members, a few Kaimana Teammates and some regular Donkey Bamp foes. The game definitely opened with evelKeven doing his thing. I think there was a "travel call, goal comes back" 3 consecutive times on the same backhand huck by Sean. On the fourth time, the goal stood. I believe all four completions were layouts by the receiver. That was silly. If I remember correctly, we broke first and they broke shortly thereafter. Half was either 8-6 or 8-7 us. We then scored the first point on O out of halftime. Nice.

Their 57 lefty handlers proved irritating to match up with both due to their general lefty-ness as well as their ability to put big flat throws to space. We made some matchup adjustments as well as some marking tweaks to minimize the damage that their throwers could inflict and tried to force their cutters to beat our downfield defenders back to the disc. Seemed effective for the most part as we increased our lead over the second half to 4 or 5. I think this was the stretch where I got kicked in the hand and knocked over on an upwind flick huck. It still got there, but the trajectory changed enough so that it was now coming down into a crowd. Boo. Disc came back after the D. No contest. Finger hurt. Didn't know Felt could get his foot out quite that far-- he's sneaky.

In any case, we ended, appropriately, on an upwinder from one woman to another. They were our best players all weekend, why change it up now? Two years of Bell Crack, two titles. Nice.

Some pics from Sunday are up.

Some favorites include:

Tucker getting a sweet D while I skip around on the field
Dono dropping the disc... and paying the price for his failure (no foul was called)
Jamie using the mini-tramp to get a D (pt 1, pt 2)
Jamie using the "I really hacked you" body language while not contesting the foul on Sean

That's all from the Deceptisomethings for 2007. Hopefully we can hang onto our Number 1 Ranking for the whole year!
Workout Total:
5 hrs of Ultimate


Sussman said...

Your number one status is already gone....

dusty.rhodes said...

I'm sure that'll correct itself.

You're going DOWN, Enough Monkeys!