Tuesday, May 22

Fools Fest Again?

Pics are up from Fools Fest

These are some of my favorites:
Everyone happy to be distraced by the disc so that they didn't have to look at Nic's attire
Our guys (Me) skying their girls
Our girls skying their guys pt 1
Our girls skying their guys pt2
I might actually have called a foul on this play...
Furf playing casually
Bailey's chicken legs
Me being afraid of girls
Why Coed Ultimate is Bad: Pt 1, Pt 2
This is a late bid
This is also a late bid
Something Went Horribly Wrong.
Country Club Will Whip You in Any Lawn Sport
Survivor Boat-Racing is definitely a Lawn Sport!
Milling About
That is One Tight-Ass Country Club
What, you don't think he's evel?
Only Real Competition was Ourselves (Picture during a game)
Four More Potential Fans Lost
"I Saw a Human Pyramid Once... It Was Very Unnecessary"
New High Life Ad Campaign
B-Lo and Dono both Failing
"how does that old guy in sneakers keep beating us?"
Old Guy in Sneakers part 2 and 3
Bailey Looking Stylish While Skying for my huck
Pouty Nic pt 1
Pouty Nic pt 2
TACC meets Joe Lott (before Joe was ejected from the garden party)
Nic making another heroic survivor flip-cup stand
Kazan in our team's hideous green jacket
Wow. That's one way to get a low flick off...
Seriously, how has this guy not yet hurt himself? Look at his leg/foot position!
Sorry, Eug.
Nice D Sequence: Tim's Bid, bid continued, Tim's guy showing focus, Tim's guy catching the Mac, me getting the D on the dump and me in the fetal position after the D.
Workout Total:
20 Min Wobble Board
10 Min assorted strength
30 Min Stretching


wix said...

re: "Me being afraid of girls"

classic case of the Tischler short-arm :)

dusty.rhodes said...

And here I thought it was the "Tischler two-hand backhand."

I would have taken 2-3 people out if I tried to make a ply on that disc. Instead, I cowered.

wix said...

Tischler has many moves. That's why she's Kim Tischler, enigma wrapped in a mystery with a side of cipher, but instead of the potatoes could she get a side salad? With Caesar dressing and no croutons?

dusty.rhodes said...

I always preferred "A cipher wrapped in an enigma, smothered in secret sauce."

just tastier, y'know, with the sauce.