Thursday, May 24

Good Luck to the NYU Women!

You made it to the show, now the fun starts.

Sadly, the alumni support will not arrive until Saturday morning after an all-night race through Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Your own work and dedication will have to carry you through day one. I expect to hear nothing but good news!

Oh, had a basketball game today. It was kinda tough since we had margaritas at 5pm at work (we work until 6) and I was definitely not at the top of my game. Unfortunately, the other 4 guys who showed were not at the top of their games either and we were likely missing our 2 top scorers. Yup, you're reading the set-up correctly: We lost! The other team had a lefty jump-shooter (I don't think he missed but one shot on the evening) and two 6'3" dudes. It was close from time to time (especially just after my back-to-back steals for layups coming out of half) but we just didn't have the juice.

It happens. One more week and then playoffs, I think.
44 min Basketball
20 min Stretching


John said...

i don't think we are getting there friday morning dude

dusty.rhodes said...

Corrected. I was thinking Club Nationals Format.