Wednesday, May 30

Back to the Leg Circuit

Finally finished the final leg circuit!

Very pleased about the end of that torture. I didn't reach my goal of 7:20, but I did improve to 7:31 from 7:42 on Monday. That being said, one Dono came in at 6:25 which is a terrifying notion. He's concerned that he did them wrong. I'm far more concerned that he did them right.

I think I'll be sufficiently recovered by this weekend for LiveLogic in Austin, TX. That being said, I don't think that I realized we would only be taking 15 guys down for this one when I planned the leg circuit to finish this week. Ah well. Should be lots of PT for everyone one way or the other. The heat doesn't worry me as much as it seems to worry everyone else.

The thing that worries me is playing Bravo in our 5th consecutive game of the day. I feel that the 5th consecutive game in a day is going to be a killer no matter the heat. Why we're facing the top-seeded team in a showcase game after 4 other games is unbeknownst to me. If we're going to succeed over the course of 5 games, we will need to conserve energy by not wasting energy on offense or defense and avoid long drawn-out/tight games/points. Not historically our strong suit. Perhaps we'll turn the corner this weekend.
Workout Total:
7:31 Leg Circuit
10 min shoulder work
10 min wobble board
10 minute upper body explosive strength
30 min stretching


Anonymous said...

who are the illustrious 15?

dusty.rhodes said...

That'll be covered in an upcoming pre-dated post.