Saturday, May 19

Crack Practice Bell

What the hell?

Who is that other person in the car? Where is she going?

[sinking feeling]

I think we're going to Bell Crack before practice to drop her off. Suspicions confirmed. We're gonna be ~2 hours late to a shortened practice. This explains the cryptic message that I received from Malcolm this morning. Some nonsense about distance and fields. It was garbled and I didn't hear it until it was too late. Or to re-appropriate the Big Ceas: "Alea Iacta Est." I suppose that in this case, getting in the car and going to Bell Crack to drop Yana (Iana?) the Canadian off is like crossing the Rubicon, the captains would fill in for the Roman Senate, and we're starting a civil war within Pike over the necessity of a pre-determined start time for practice. Yup, I'm gonna stand by that quote.

We definitely got lost going to the Bell Crack fields. I think I've gotten lost going there every time I've gone. Or at least I've missed a turn or something dumb. Or my ride ("Let's call him Josh W. No, that's too obvious...uhhh... let's say J. Weisstuch.") forgot his cleats. We drop her off and drive to practice, 45 minutes back the way we came.

As we arrive, we're going over zone something or other. Assorted dirty looks are give and received. Sweet. Worked on some zone D/O in vaguely breezy conditions. I think there was a short game of some kind and my team came from ahead to lose. Practice record drops to 8-2. Playing .800 ball ain't bad. Really coulda used that ninth win so that my personal baseball-style standings would include a 9-1 "L10" column.

Practice finishes with some lightish conditioning, knowing that a not-insignificant portion of the team is headed over to Bell Crack to play on various teams. Jamie and I ride over to join our evil Deceptisomething brethren. We sent 5 men (Tim, TC, evelKeven, Schmucker and Tous) over for the first game and half of the second game. When we arrived, it was 8-2 at half of the second game. Then we played two more games and had some pizza and beer. At least one point occurred during an intense 20 minute rain/wind extravaganza. No fewer than 4 people asked if they were going to make the blog for particular plays. I don't remember who they were, so BRANDON, you're out of luck.

Tangent: Every time I hear Brandon's name, I think of the scene in The Big Lebowski where the Dude wakes up in the police cruiser and sings the theme song to Branded:

He was innocent. Not a charge was true. And they say he ran awaaaaaay. BRANDED!

No I don't know why and no, I can't stop it.

4-0 on the first day, off to the Rhodes Family Compound for the evening with Julie and Jamie. Gametime tomorrow? 11am. We won't be late because Julie's got a game at 9am. Boooooo.
Workout Total:
2 hours practice
4? hours of Bell Cracking Coedness

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