Tuesday, May 29

High Intensity Endurance

This was a previously used workout that is just a killer.

-2 minutes of burpees
-2 minutes of rest
-Pushups (8 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
-Bodyweight Squats (8 sets of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)

It isn't anything particularly complex, but it is utterly intense for the duration (12 minutes). It isn't particularly draining for your legs or your arms, but rather for your body as a whole. You start with explosive movements (burpees) and move to non-explosive, though related, movements (pushups/squats). It is a full-body workout that can be done quickly anywhere. You're not really in danger of hurting yourself unless you have terrible form. If you're sufficiently strong, it doesn't inspire the same lasting fatigue/soreness as a strength workout. Instead, it inspires a passing exhaustion.

Also, it hits upon a key feature of my preferred method of training. Short bursts of high-intensity work replace any/all endurance training. This increases cardiovascular strength and endurance without sacrificing explosiveness or speed. Training your body to produce maximal force (explosive or non-explosive) when fatigued is better than training your body to produce sub-maximal force when fatigued. If you train your body to produce maximal force while fatigued, it should be pretty easy to produce sub-maximal force when fatigued. Short rests and high intensity training are the way to go for me.
Workout Total
12 Min Interval
10 Min Core
10 Min Wobble
30 Min Stretching

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J said...

I completely agree with the short rests/high intensity method, and I absolutely love keeping up with these workouts.

That's also much of the theory behind the track plan we've been following. I'm of the opinion that doing a 45 minute run is actually a bad workout for ultimate. At the very least, it's bad for the style of ultimate that I like to play. It's all about the fast twitch muscles. High speed & power for short distances and the ability to recover quickly.