Friday, May 11

Pike Invite

Two-day Pike Invite this weekend...

It should be another good early-season matchup of multiple quality teams. It should be exciting to see how Boston looks on the weekend (though I heard an interesting rumor that they were essentially splitting into Metal and DoG for the weekend. Which actually seems more crazy than interesting). Same interest in seeing all the guys out for C-Big Potomavaultstop.

More interesting is the prospect of the pater familas coming out to spectate this weekend. Hopefully he won't sell us into slavery if we play poorly. Perhaps mom will make it out as well, we shall see. With the reasonably intense traveling for ultimate, this is one of the few occasions that we play close enough to home (in non-summer league) that the family can see their male offspring waste time playing ultimate instead of a real sport like basketball (the first sport all of us Rhodes kids learned) or soccer (the sport that us Rhodes kids spent the most time playing).

No matter the family things, we'll be getting a good look at some tryouts, getting younger players on-field experience, enjoying the beautiful weather and hating the fields.
Workout Total (Planned):
20 min Stretching
10 min Shoulder rehab
10 min Wobble Board
Watch GSW/Jazz
Watch Paul do stand-up


Ryan Todd said...

I heard an interesting rumor that they were essentially splitting into Metal and DoG for the weekend.

That would be pretty stupid. What kind of clowns are running that operation up there anyway?

It's funny that you even heard that, considering that we only got the team split 39 min ago (according to my gmail).

See you tomorrow. I'll be on team X.

dusty.rhodes said...

I don't know... who IS running that clown ship? More importantly, will there be required team high-fives?

As always, rumors are rumors for a reason. I didn't mention the source of said rumor because I was *very* hesitant to believe it...

Ryan Todd said...

Not required, but highly encouraged.

It should be a fun weekend. We've got two small teams and will be experimenting with a lot of things, so who knows how we're gonna look.

I'm assuming Pike will have the normal 29-man roster it always has for this event. That may put you at a slight advantage in our 4th-round matchup. We'll see.

dusty.rhodes said...

29? That's nuts.

We're roughing it this weekend with a mere 27 on Saturday and 25 on Sunday!

Mackey said...

There'll be a few Dartmouth guys down there--Dan with you, Watson with one of the Boston teams.

I almost wound up picking up with Boston, since they're a bit short on numbers, but my dislocated/potentially broken (I'm going to see a hand specialist on Monday) pinkie finger wants me to rest. Playing through it for regionals was enough.

Anonymous said...

Results? Write-up?

dusty.rhodes said...


I'll get there soon enough.

Uber-Quick Results:

Boston (combined) beat Pike in Finals.

Pike beat Truck Stop (combined) in on semifinal while Boston (combined) beat PoNY in the other semifinal.

Guess is that BSX went undefeated, BSY had one loss, Pike had 2 losses, TSY had 3 losses, TSX had 4 losses and PoNY had 4 losses.