Tuesday, May 15

Resting Resting

Taking a day off from training today.

In looking back at the last week or so, it seems that I've been doing at on of leg-intensive stuff without quite getting enough rest. Taking today off will also prepare me a bit better for the next stretch of hard days:

  • Leg Circuit on Wednesday
  • Basketball on Thursday
  • Stairs/Leg Circuit on Friday
  • Practice/Bell Crack on Saturday
  • Bell Crack on Sunday
  • Leg Circuit on Monday
  • Lighter workout on Tuesday
  • Leg Circuit on Wednesday
  • Basketball on Thursday
  • Road Trip to Ohio on Friday
That should all work out just fine, provided I try to sleep enough. Possible complete rest day on Tuesday as well. It feels like the right stretch to push a little harder though, so who knows.
Workout Total:
30 min Stretching

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