Thursday, May 10

Another Game, Another Win

We took on a group of guys in their late 30s (and up) last night...

With two notable exceptions. One guy was about 6'4" 250 and the other was about 5'11" and very clearly someone who had spent years playing ball. They scored the first couple of baskets and then we were engaged and pulled away as the game progressed.

I had my share of steals and a couple of layups. I also had my shot completely swatted by their big guy on a breakaway. He did a good job of staying far away enough that I couldn't create body contact while remaining close enough to close on me as I went up. We won by ~20 and got called "a bunch of bitches." I'm not at all sure why.

The refs were absolutely favoring the other team in their calls, and admitted as much after the game. "You were KILLING them, we had to try to keep them in it. You kept pressing throughout the game, what did you want us to do?" Well, we kept pressing because it is more fun than letting the game slow down and packing the lane while they clang jumpers.

After I got home, I did the second part of the leg circuit (same as the first) and a quick core workout. Had a salmon fillet for a nice late dinner while watching the Pistons come back and demoralize the Bulls. I hate and love the Pistons all at once. I love Billups, Rip, Prince and Sheed (Maybe Sheed most of all) but CANNOT STAND C-Webb. Such a conflict of interests watching them play.
Workout total:
44 min of basketball
20 min leg circuit
15 min core
15 min stretching
10 min shoulder rehab

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