Monday, May 21

I just noticed

That I haven't been including "Throwing" in any of my workout totals.

Interesting. I suppose throwing is just something I assume everyone does. I'll admit that right now, I'm not getting enough touches on the disc per week. Once Summer League starts in June and I (pretty much simultaneously) start training with other people, that'll change. Right now, I'm more concerned with establishing a strong overall fitness level.

My throwing skills are on the verge of a breakthrough. I can feel it. Usually, as the season approaches I'm working on the addition of a few new throws and/or release points to the arsenal (I am this year as well) and that sort of consumes your throwing preparation. This year just feels different. It's as though I already know how to throw the new additions, I just need to relearn them. Not sure that is easy to follow, but the difference is a little striking. I feel that instead of forcing my body to do something new and completely different, I'm just opening my mind to include throws that I've always had in my game.

Again, I'm not sure that this is entirely clear, but the end result is that my throws, despite not putting dedicated time in thus far, feel really good. With more practice and touches over the summer and through the fall, my throws will only improve. Pulls included.
Workout Total:
20 Min Leg Cricuit, w5
10 Min Upper Body Max Strength
15 Min Core Workout
10 Min Stretching


Jamie said...

Your throwing skills are on the verge of a breakthrough? Too bad you didn't already have all the skills like yours truly.

Here is my quick theory. The repetitions you put in when you are learning to throw are more important than at this point in the career. Learning throws is the hardest. As much as we work on them during workouts, there is limited benefit. Muscle memory is important, however it is nothing like throwing during a live game. Muscle memory should have already been established, hence a "riding a bike" metaphor. If we aren't throwing against the hardest marks in the country we are just practicing what we already know, not increasing our ability.

Just my thought...

gapoole said...

Which is not to say that the extra practice is not beneficial. Although "tossing" is usually useless, working on release points and stepping out, faking before each throw, practicing speed control on your various throws, etc is all good preparation. Then, you get closer to game situations, by doing straight-up marking drill. It doesn't even have to be against the "hardest marks in the country", it just has to be against a teammate who will push you to be better. I love straight-up marking drill, and I think it increases your ability with practice.

Jamie said...

Suffice to say I don't have a teammate around that will challenge my throwing ability. I get to just toss it to someone 10-70yds away. Good practice maybe, making me better I think not. Atleast I'm not getting rusty.