Wednesday, May 23

Watched the Championship Video Again

Every time I watch it, there are more skills and concepts for me to dissect.

The differences between varieties of ho-stacks, active v non-active marks, different pressures put on throwers by different offenses, methods of breaking the mark in flow, Shank throwing ridiculous things, etc.

There are just so many different ways for a team or an individual to approach this sport. I wish I had more raw game footage instead of highlights.

Not much else today.
Workout Total:
20 Min Leg circuit
10 Min Wobble Board
30 Min Stretching


gapoole said...

which championship / where can I get the footage?

Mackey said...

That's what makes ultimate fun to watch for ultimate players. It's the same with any sport you've played, where you have an ability to dissect the skills and strategies in real-time.

I always enjoy being at any of the larger college tourneys where you have a chance to watch good teams play and pick apart what they're doing, and what they do really well to get where they want.

The same applies just to playing high-level ultimate, too--when I first started playing with Chuck Wagon, who runs a much looser, creative O than Dartmouth, it was a bit disconcerting while I got used to it, but I'm a much better player now for the increased breadth of skills to draw upon.

Like with most athletics, the more styles you're familiar with and able to apply, the better able you'll be to improvise/improve upon any one system.

dusty.rhodes said...

It was the most recent UPA Club Championships, Ultivillage sells it.