Friday, May 25

Summer League Draft

Westchester SL Draft was last night...

I missed the live online draftview and chat. JP and I wanted to go Mel Kiper, Jr. crossed with Chas Barkley on the events, but I had a basketball game at the time and John forgot.

By the time I got home from the game, I had been picked by Julie in the first round and our team consisted of: Me, Julie, Jimmy Bendernagel, Joey Ax, Rick Kahn, Kevin Lange and women I don't know. That was the first nine rounds. They were public. The rounds after that were done without a draftview. We hit the jackpot by getting JP in a late round and somehow ended up with John Sardo on our team too. If any of the men and women who I don't know (or whose names I don't recall because I'm a jerk) are good, we'll be a solid team. No matter what, we'll be a fun team.

It was entertaining at the tail end of the draft as I sent JP an email to call Rick and tell him to draft JP. It would be a perfect summer league team! JP then told me that it was like sitting in the green room at the NBA draft. In any case, there are some other strong teams in the league and it will be a good time. WSL is a pretty solid summer league to play in because you're forced to play reasonably intelligent ultimate as it is a veteran-heavy league. It'll be a good season to pick some things to work on for every game as well.

I think I'm actually excited about summer league. That's kinda sick.

Violet Femmes Update: Lost Round 1 15-5 to #1 seed UCLA. Sounds like they were still asleep AND playing the #1 seed. Exactly the opposite of Pike back in 04...
Other Nationals News: UDel upset Florida on the men's side. Looks like everything else for men's and women's went to seed.

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