Friday, May 18


Played another league game today.

The results followed this season's trend. We won pretty big. Maybe 15 or 20 points. They made a couple of runs and were bitching to the officials for the whole game. Blech. I can't stand that shit. That reminds me of a column on ESPN from today. It is about the pickup ballers who you hate to see but cannot escape.

If you scroll all the way down, the description of "The Playground Sheed" may seem strikingly familiar to you. Particularly relevant passage:

He isn't trying to bully or get over on you. Not consciously. He genuinely believes he's innocent. In the name of victory, he's psyched himself out, gulped some I-didn't-do-it Kool Aid of his own making. All of which makes it pointless to engage him, given that pickup basketball lacks the equivalent of a technical foul.

Why is that relevant? Go back and read it and replace "pickup basketball" with "ultimate." Yup. That about says it all.

As for hockey, I was watching the scroll at the bottom of some sports broadcast and it mentioned that Teemu Selanne had "broken his five-game pointless streak." I couldn't help but laugh. It is good to have a reminder that even professional athletes occassionally lack a raison d’être. Er, I mean a raison d’être.

Workout Total:
44 Minutes Basketball

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