Friday, May 18

I Hate Stairs

Dragged myself to Josh's place for a stair workout+leg circuit.

When I arrived at ~7:10, I was moving very slowly with eyes half-opened. The week had not been kind to me. Not quite enough sleep. Too many late nights. Not eating quite as well as I liked. No matter, I'm sure Josh will provide a bit of enthusiasm.

His first words as I arrived were "WHAT? I just woke up."

I can feel the energy.

Apparently, I had just woken him from a nap. I had just slept on the crowded subway ride up to his place, but that was not useful. Falling asleep on the subway is never good. You're in public, constantly being brushed up against, constantly worried that you just missed your stop and you have the vague feeling that someone is always staring at you. This is because they are all staring at the idiot who fell asleep as they wait for something bad, though entertaining, to happen to you so that they'll have another good "New York Story" to share with the boys back home.

We started our workout with 3 rounds of 6 flights of stairs for a warmup. WE may have done something else to round it out and get the blood pumping a little harder, but I can't recall. Then we launched into the leg circuit (20 squats, 30 sec rest, 20 lunges, 30 sec rest, 20 step ups, 30 sec rest, 10 jump squats, 60 sec rest, repeat) five times through and then did assorted other groupings of stairs. Ended with "Go up 6 or 7 flights skipping as many stairs as possible." That shit was hard. I don't think I ever want to do that again. This means that this stair exercise, along with the "up three stairs and down one" are probably the perfect things for me to do. Shoot. I ended up doing some combination of 2 stairs with my left leg and 3 with my right that left me very unhappy and rather uneven. Actually, I'm just lucky I didn't fall on my face and die.

Hung out for a little while talking about PoNY and Pike, the under-appreciated art of playing the bass, tried to remember how the guitar part for "Twist" went (as well as how the original version compared to the later version), as well as listened to the Mets beat the Yanks on the radio. None of it was substantial, but neither of us really wanted to walk at the moment. Legs were doing that whole quivering thing. Yow. That'll be good tomorrow morning at practice and heading through Bell Crack.

Saw a bit of the Spurs eliminating the Suns. Boo to that. I appreciate the Spurs and all, but I really like watching Nash dominate the game in such strange ways. Ah well. Jazz-Spurs will be a good series, though it pretty much looks to be a lock that the Spurs will meet Day-twah in the Finals. Though if LeBron realizes that every ref in the league is paid to protect him and starts driving to the hoop on every play, all of Day-twah could foul out by halftime.
Workout Total:
25 Minutes Stairs
20 Minutes Leg Circuit
20 Minutes Stretching

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