Sunday, May 6

More Alumni Chest Pounding!

NYU at Nationals!

Hell Yes!
Which was the last team/school to meet all of the following qualifications AND make Nationals?

  • Owns Zero Fields
  • Has a combative (at best) club sports coordinator
  • Does not have a Quad
  • 95% of students do not have cars on campus
  • Most students are not from the area
  • No easily accessible summer league
  • Has minuscule (and antiquated) gym space for 50,000 students (17,000 undergrads)
  • Varsity Sports are an afterthought, let alone Club Sports
Well, I couldn't come up with one aside from NYU's women's team, the Violet Femmes. If I'm wrong, to quote Principal Skinner: "Prove me wrong, children. Prove me wrong."

I'm truly in awe of how hard this team worked to achieve their goals. As an alum, I can only dream of going back in time an finding a way to spur my team onto such heights as, well, making Regionals would have been a nice place to start.

I'm unendingly proud of the Femmes and their accomplishments. If I'm lucky, I'll make it out to Columbus for Day Two. If I'm not, I'll just have to keep calling for updates.

The only advice at this point is:

Don't settle for being 'just happy to be there.'

Fight for more, or that's all you'll be happy for.

Workout Total:
30 min Stretching
10 minutes slow lower/upper body ROM work
Shoulder rehab


John said...

i'll be your huckleberry

dusty.rhodes said...

you're no daisy. you're no daisy at all.