Saturday, May 26

Shade to Hotel (pt 4)

Owww. My shoulder hurts.

Why is that guy screaming? Where's my chair? Where the hell am I? Whose cooler is this? Whose disc is this?

Hmmm... Perhaps sitting up would help. OW. Turn the sun down and stop talking. Is this... could it be... a hangover at 4pm? Not a good sign. Luckily, someone has taken my chair and left beer, ice and a disc in its stead. Not exactly the best manners, but I think it'll soothe my nerves.

One beer down.

Okay. Now, establish your bearings. Wisconsin just played there. They look like they'll be playing there again. This is a different team. Who are they playing? Stanford? Ouch. I don't think that this bodes well for Stanford.

On the other field? Who is that? Colorado and Florida? That should be a good game, right? I need a new spot. This one is too crowded. Too much bad crazy. Aha! A space at the far end of the fields! Still at a higher altitude, but not nearly as college-kid crazy. Time to mosey. With some beer. Niiiiiiice.

Okay. Now, this is a good spot to sit, methinks. I wonder where everyone is? Ah well. Time to hunker down and watch some ultimate with my trusty iPod. Well, Stanford simply doesn't seem to have the firepower to run with the big guns from up nort. This is getting ugly, yet I cannot look away. It really is something to watch a team dominate like this against Nationals-level opponents. The baby blue deep game is crushing another opponent.

Colorado v Florida is a little further away, and I can't see the score, so I don't know what is going on. I would say something here, but I don't remember anything specific other than Colorado winning.

Games end and I get a call from the rest of the car-group. We'll be trying to leave sometime reasonably soon to go shower. It'll be good to wash off 2 days of dirt. Plans are uncertain, but there is a Utah/SanAn game this evening, and we'd all like to catch that. There is talk of party and going "out" (whatever that means) as well. Group decides to head for the showers and then let the rest of it sort itself out.

A tip for the sommeliers amongst us: Beer pairs perfectly with a hot shower.

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