Monday, May 14

Whatever (I Had a Dream)

"I had a dream last night..."

Upon waking I wasn't sure if it had happened during the Pike Invite or not.

I was marking someone very well. Bouncing lightly on my toes, reading his weight-shifts and eyes. He faked a flick and tried to break me with a high release backhand. Not so fast. I knew it was coming. As he released the disc next to my ear, I shot my hand toward my shoulder (picture flexing your bicep) and clapped the disc between my hand and my shoulder. I stone cold caught it. I was holding the disc onto my shoulder with my hand. Fuck Yes!

Him: "Foul."
Me: "You are a fucking cheater!"

From that point, I went on a rage-fueled rant of Drunken Darling proportions. The things that I said were the worst that you could say to a person. He kept standing there
quietly repeating the word 'foul' as I berated him, his ancestry, his girlfriends and anything else about him that came to mind. The word "CHEATER" was not only a centerpiece in my thought process, but it was literally on fire. I could see it in my mind. The word kept growing bigger and burning brighter. Hotter. The Pressure increases. My Volume increases. I keep yelling and the other player keeps repeating 'foul' only softer now.

It is almost as though he's about to cave and let me win. But he doesn't. He starts crying instead. Now he's repeating the word softly and sobbing. My Rage only grows. At long last someone tells me to stop. More like I finally heard the one voice emerge out of the huge crowd of people watching this game who were all telling me to stop. I look around, Righteous Rage fully intact, and realize that the person telling me to stop is none other than evelKeven.

Shocked, I stop. I'm still chock-full-o-rage and want nothing more than to rain fire and brimstone down onto this sinner until he repents, but something clicks. Fer fucksake, if evelKeven is telling me I've gone to far, perhaps I have.

I stop and stare at the player I was marking. I recognize him. I wake up. I have the previously referenced Butthole Surfers song in my head (From Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet, of course). I can still remember his face even now as I type this. I've played against him before and I'll probably play against him again.

When next I see him, I'll not be afraid. I'll know that he'll make a horrible call, but I won't blow my gasket because I've learned that lesson. He won't back down no matter how much hot air I spew. Instead, I will walk a different path. I'll look him dead in the eyes and calmly say "contest," confident that I have already conquered my demon.

One day he too will be challenged, but I will not fill the role of demon in his morality play.
Workout Total:
15 Min Max Strength
10 Min Wobble Board
10 Min Core
5 Min Shoulder Rehab


John said...

you're a fuckign odd cat ain't no two ways around it.

i mean pots and kettles and all but i'm just saying.

dusty.rhodes said...

Ain't not never claimed otherwise.