Thursday, May 3

Four on Five

The basketball game started normally, but then...

Approximately 6 minutes into the game, one of the players on the other team went up, swatted a shot, and came down awkwardly. The first thing I said was that you shouldn't jump so high unless you know how to land (or something to that effect). Turns out I'm just an asshole because he actually sprained his ankle.

Apparently, the rules of the league state that a team can/must play with four against five. I tried to explain to our team that we should just play 4v4, but that didn't go over well with either my team or the refs who insisted that we play with five. Really? We're going to play 4v5? This is like those damn summer league games where one team doesn't have enough women and as a result you play 4/2 v 4/3. I'd rather not waste my time, or at very least just play 6v6.

That being said, last year in Wudi, I'm pretty sure my team won a 6v7 game and a couple of years ago in PADA, we lost a 6v7 game on double game point. The bigger issue is that someone should just tell us beforehand so that I don't waste my time getting there and the like. Injuries are understandable, but shouldn't the team that had the consideration to show up with enough players either at the beginning of the game or to cover for an injury have the option of winning by forfeit? What happens more often than not is that the team that is down players starts to try to make reckless plays to compensate for the open space while the team with an extra player tries to play conservatively and not get injured.

This is exactly what happened at the basketball game. We played conservatively for the first half and settled for three pointers and jump shots. We led by about 8 or so at half. Half-time consisted of "They're playing a box-and-none. Get into the lane and make plays." Done.

We pressed and played our aggressive offensive/defensive style for the rest of the game and opened up a large lead, eventually cruising to a 76-57 victory. We clinched a spot in the playoffs with this victory. Sweet.

When I got home, I did some slow pushups at different angles to work ROM in the shoulder, worked with resistance bands and kept on stretching.
Workout Total:
44 minutes Basketball
10 minutes strength/rehab
20 minutes stretching

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