Monday, May 7

Sundays are the Hardest Days

Well, at least when I'm not at tournament.

I wake up sore, likely planning to do a quick workout in the morning. I don't really want to do anything active past a quick workout because I'm usually exhausted. And that's good, but the desire to cram junk food into my face increases by the hour. I usually manage to eat a solid breakfast and a reasonable lunch, but by about 3pm or so, I have a hard time staying away from making impulse purchases from the uber-convenient, though generally shady, delis of Jersey City.

Ben and Jerry' s taunts me from behind the frost-covered glass. Fuck you, you damn dirty sugar-pedaling hippies!

Pizza, Indian, Thai and Chinese food all beckon me from their easy-to-dial phone numbers. Hell, I can even order that shit online! Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts (Johnny L's Bagels is closed on Sundays) tries to grab my attention with mass-produced doughy badness and sorry (but still respectable and caffeinated!) coffee.

All of these callings are enhanced by the feeling that I accomplished something at practice the day before. That I can afford to have some bad-for-me food because I worked hard as hell yesterday anddamnitI'mreallyhungry. Of course, I eat well most of the time so why not indulge?

On some Sundays I win, some Sundays I lose. I'm more likely to win if there is football to distract me all day. I'm less likely to win if there is sub-par basketball to distract me. Oddly, if it is a "Lazy Sunday" in true SNL fake-song style, it is easier to resist temptation.

This past Sunday, I lost. That fucking Ben (or was it Jerry?) roped me in with a pint of ice-cream on a sunny day. And then the Thai food came calling. I talked myself down to a seared pepper-tuna salad and an order of fried dumplings, but sticking to the original plan of having my leftover chicken w/ steamed broccoli from the previous night's dinner would have been much better.

I'll teach you yet, Sunday. Maybe not this Sunday, maybe not the next, but soon and for the rest of my life.
Workout Total:
20 min Leg Circuit (5 circuits, 30 sec between exercises, 90 seconds between circuits)
10 min core workout
shoulder work
20 min stretching

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