Tuesday, March 27

An F!

Despite my generally bad attitude about not getting my meal money, the team logged another official victory tonight!

We brought our winning streak to TWO games. But this was a forfeit. Apparently, our awesome 2-9 record was enough to put The Fear in not just our opponents, but the scabs they brought in to replace our opponents. The result of said replacement team being unable to field 5 for the game was a win by forfeit and then an hour of 5v5 pickup.

Talk about ballhogging. Damn. With nothing in the balance, we didn't pass or play defense. Just go do what you do. Fun, but not my style. As "what I do" tends to be pass and play defense. Got some nifty one-one one moves and teardrops to fall, but whatever. It's like pickup ultimate-- you've got to pick something to improve on if you want to make it worth your while. So I just picked the best ballhandler from the other team and worked on playing defense without reaching. I figured this would most translatable to ultimate as well as being the best workout. I was sure he wouldn't mind as he was engaging me each time down the floor anyway.

I did a pretty solid job considering he was quicker than me. On the other hand, he was shorter than me too.

Regardless, the season is over.

Or so you think. There is talk of getting the company to sponsor us. If I'm playing for free, I'm in. There is active thought being given to playing with the company softball team as well. Perfect. Two things for me to bitch about and tenuously connect to ultimate!
Workout Total:
1 hour Pickup Basketball
30 minutes stretching

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