Wednesday, March 28

Team Cycles

...two teams merge, a second team sprouts up, two teams merge, a second team sprouts up...

It's only a matter of time before it happens to you. Rumors are widespread about a number of teams combining in Open, Women's and Mixed in nearly every region. There always are. Not just within one division, either. Between divisions.

Someone somewhere thinks that the competition in Division X is weak this year, so they're going to put together an all-star team from a couple of teams in the other divisions. A team starts becoming a legitimate threat to a heretofore dominant team in the area. One group sees the end of the line, the other sees a new beginning. They both see one team forming from two.

There's got to be something greener on the other side! We can get there if we work together and leave the dead weight behind!

Stay with this team? Why? I can instead play GM, coach and player all at once and attempt to orchestrate, run and execute my master plan!

There aren't exactly "trades" in ultimate, but there are mergers and acquisitions. There are layoffs and promotions. Ultimate is not structured like professional sports, it is structured like Corporate America.
Missed a workout due to obtaining country club attire for Fools Fest


Ryan Todd said...

Word travels so quickly its ridiculous...

LittleOrphanAnnie44 said...


Half Metal, Half DoG?

ps. Your blog is a great read, Rhodes.

dusty.rhodes said...

Ryan, for the love of god, everything isn't always about the ultimate scene in Boston.

That being said, that was definitely *one* of the hundred rumors I was indirectly referencing.

Ryan Todd said...

Aight, so what else you got then? I've heard the DC happenings, that was easy to see coming.