Monday, March 26

A Win!

We had a win in basketball this evening against the top team in the league.

We were 1-9 going in and they were 9-1. I guess 2-9 is much better than 1-10. We could end the season with a 2 game winning streak tomorrow night! That's right, back-to-back games like the NBA. I'm asking my teammates for my per diem this evening. Somebody must've taken mine.

Anyway, the game last night featured not one but two guest players. The first was a short guy who had obviously played a ton of ball as a kid, but wasn't a star. Did what he did (Mark Jackson-speed forays too the hoop) well though. The second guy was a stone cold scoring machine. I'd say he's the only pure basketball player we've had on the floor with us. The rest of the roster includes two ultimate players (in shape, but neither of us have really played basketball since college), a bunch of non-descript office workers, one short guy who can play and two athletes who played a little ball.

The shocking thing about most of the players is that they cannot dribble under pressure to save their lives. It's scary. Even the best shooter we've got who obviously spent some time playing just can't handle the ball. The short guy who can play is probably a better one-on-one ball handler than me, but I've got him matched for possession dribble or to set up a particular pass. That's my strong suit. That's why they generally let me play point.

This guy who showed up today was chowing down on a heaping portion of chicken with red beans and rice and just before the game started said to us "I'm here, we're not losing tonight." Alright... Anyway, as the game progresses, Zac hits a couple of jumpers and then this newcomer warms up and just takes the rock to the bucket time after time. Draws a ton of fouls, gets many of his own boards and puts them back in. From the three point line in, the other team could not stop him from getting there, no matter the zone.

This is perfect for me. It means I can settle into a complimentary role on the team. I can bring the ball up, take a couple of good shots, expend my energy on D, get some boards and distribute the ball. My only real error was a completely botched 3 on 1 when I tried to pass the ball exactly when I wanted to and instead found that the ball was on my wrist instead of in my hand. Boo. Turnover.

The last game of the season is tonight, and it is a rematch of our first game (the only rematch on the schedule). I think we've got a pretty good shot at the revenge win. It would be great to get back at those guys.
Workout Total:
44 Minutes Basketball


John said...

speaking of perdiems did send you this?

dusty.rhodes said...

Exactly my point.

This is yet another in the long list of reasons why I would pay to sit at the end of an NBA bench.