Friday, March 2

Fools Fest Team Decided Upon

I'll be playing with that Old Crow-drinking dirty ex-Pike Irish bastard Nic Darling and other associated miscreants and sociopaths at WAFC's Fools Fest in 2007. I think this means that I will be playing coed, but at Fools, who can tell (or remember)?

I'm pretty sure the contract that I signed stipulates a pre-approved expense account set up in my name. If not, I'm a fool and I'll have to take this case to arbitration next season.

The other contractual agreement involves an undisclosed number of promises not to bother Nic about returning to Pike from his current semi-alcoholic aspiring novelist haze in exchange for his best reasonable attempts at not letting Marie beat the crap out of me.

Too bad on two fronts: Every team needs a guy like Nic who gets sunburn when it rains, and I have evidence that watching Marie beat men up is hilarious.

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