Tuesday, March 13

First Rhodes Clan Birthday of 07...

So my younger (I hesitate to use the term "little" for rather obvious reasons) brother Jamie has made it through another year without too much damage.

I will pretend, for now, that he didn't end up with another scar on his head during a recent visit to NYC. In this fashion, I can also ignore the voicemail from my father asking what the hell happened to his middle child.

Aside from that nonsense, we have used the term "brothers" a lot on Pike over the years to refer to our teammates. I feel that this analogy is particularly apt. The bond that teammates develop through training, practicing and competing is startlingly similar to the bond you develop with siblings. You work with them, but at every turn, you want to be better than them. Fight as you may amongst yourselves, when you happen upon outsiders, you're united in purpose and deadly in dedication.

That concept is taken to another level when you receive the gift of competing in a sport with your actual brother. The bond that Jamie and I have formed over his 23 years is strengthened by the work ethic and common goals that we share with Pike. Not only do we have the same mother and father, but we also have the same teammates and captains.

I'm both a better player and person due to my brother's presence on my team and in my life.

Thanks, kid.
Rest Day


james said...

Ummm....dude. I'm only 23. Thanks for pushing me one more year towards death.


dusty.rhodes said...

I need an editor and a fact-checker.

You and bill should fight to the death for the job.

Jess said...

you guys are the cutest brothers in the world!
-jamie's teenage girlfriend

dusty.rhodes said...

We know.