Wednesday, March 14

Stair Workout Plus

Went to the Upper West Side Tower of Pain this evening.

I worked out with Kaimana teammate Josh in the city today. It's always good to get some variation in the plan from outside sources. After seeing 300 the night before, we were ready for some ass-kicking and there was a 64% chance of gratuitous bloodshed:

twice through:
5 flights of stairs for speed hitting every step

twice through:
5 flights to the top running up 2 flights and down 1 flight x2
(hitting every stair working on speed)
1:30 rest

25 squats

thrice through:
1 flight left foot
1 flight right foot
2 flights two foot hop, every other step
25 squats

longish rest

thrice through:
A: Running in place with a resistance band x 45 sec
B: 25 yard duck walk, 25 yards of 2 foot broad jump

short rest

(thrice through)
10 burpees
15 grasshoppers
20 squats

The last time through the burpee/grasshopper/squat set we switched to 5, 10, 15. Otherwise, we both might have passed out.

Pretty tiring. Josh tends to mix in more rest with his workouts than I do. I know he's generally faster than me over a short point/sprint, which is likely reflective of this workout concept. I'm more likely to do 15-25 minutes of hell compared to Josh's 45-60 minutes of slightly less than hell.

The atmosphere of his stairwell and "gym" was, dare I say, Spartan. It almost makes you train harder. As he said "I'm on some Rocky 4 shit."

The season's looming on the horizon. I will be prepared.
Workout Total:
50 minutes of mixed Interval/Circuit

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