Tuesday, April 10

Basketball Again

So, we brought the old gang back together for a basketball game tonight...

Except that this time around, we got rid of 5 guys from last season and replaced them with ringers. Only Zac, 3 other guys and I remain from last season, and, well, we're a ton better. We were up ~20 points at half time by virtue of pressing, passing and hitting shots. Over the winter, we were lucky if we did one of those things. For a half.

This time around, we actually have 10 guys who can ball.

This should be a fun season. I won't be shooting near as much (makes everyone happy), nor will I be bringing the ball up all of the time. This means I'm free to make the passes that lead directly to buckets. That is, I get open on a cut, draw the defense and hit someone for an open look. This is much better for me and the team than me trying to break the defense down from a standstill.

I'm excited. If I play with a team like this, I've got nothing to prove because the assumption (after a few minutes) is that I'm like the rest of guys on me team-- a baller. I won't have to prove myself, and the defense will react to me like I'm a scorer. In doing so, the rest of my teammates get open and score more. The defenses are not sophisticated enough to force me to carry the offense, which means I can facilitate all game long. I can also go for my absolute favorite steal-- shooting through the passing lane up top for a breakaway.

Things are looking up here.
Workout Total:
44 Minutes Basketball

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