Monday, April 9

Minor Photographic Evidence

...of the Tight Ass Country Club in their swanky attire:

Follow the link for the only pictures of the ultimate (and therefore the only ones that meet the decency requirements of my editors) that I've seen from Fools Fest thus far.

Of note for this particular blog, are some pics on the second page featuring yours truly. There are two of me wathing something else happen, and one is of me actually doing something ultimate-related. Like [pause] GETTING A D. No, that throw was not a hammer. I was using the overhand-slam defensive technique. If it were volleyball, that would have been a carry.

This is rather representative of ultimate from my perspective. Doing nothing special 2/3rds of the time and then, when given a chance, doing something cool. Awkwardly. But doing it nonetheless.

Hopefully some more photos show up. Maybe I can go back and determine who was on my team and who we played against.
Workouts Total:
35 Min Max Strength
10 Min core


Bill Mill said...

The best part of ultimate pictures are the bizarre facial expressions. You've got a winner going in that shot.

That said, at least you're getting a D. The only time anyone took a picture of me it was stupid Bil Elsinger taking a stupid beautiful picture of me getting posterized: .

Bill Mill said...

whoops, linkified to make sure everyone sees it: me getting skied

dusty.rhodes said...

Tips for not getting skied in a picture:

1. Don't play help D.
2. If you see a huck go up, run back to the line like you're an O player.
3. Trip.
4. Poach the lane looking for blocks.
5. Don't go up for the D unless your guy is both shorter *and* dumber than you.