Monday, April 16

Get Explosive

The Stretching from yesterday definitely paid dividends.

This morning when I got up, I was still a little tight, but not sore at all. I was ready to rock. Started the trip to the office and bemoaned that there was no first round bye on Monday. Nor was it acceptable behavior to roll up with a nalgene full of mint julep. As I bested my first round opponent, phone calls from the weekend, I made the mistake of looking ahead to the lunch-time bye. Immediately something went wrong. I'm not sure what, but I called in a defensive specialist and we closed out the game. I don't think I did anything horrible during this exchange, but I can't be sure.

As we lined up against the second round opponent, it became clear that we had not consumed enough breakfast to power through until the break. I went on a grocery run for the team. The weather was frightful, but I managed to tough it out in my sweet Patagonia gear. I was unavoidably detained on the trip and by the time I returned, it was time for the bye! Sweet!

The bye round involved a some time in the office cafeteria looking out into the rain and enjoying an apple, an orange, celery with peanut butter and some sashimi from a sushi joint around the corner. I felt recharged.

As I headed into the third quarter of the day, I realized that the main goals for the day had been overlooked in favor of short-term success. I might sabotage the progression of the team over the course of the spring if I remained on this course! I immediately spoke with a couple of coworkers and we realigned our collective goals. This opponent was a mere formality. I'm not sure I even expended any energy fighting them off.

The last round, of course, brought the biggest challenge of the day, the number two seed in our pool: Boredom. We've both won our share of games over the years, but recently I have owned him. I've added a number of resources to my toolkit including a blog, an outline for a novel, thinking of drills and strategies and randomly sending NBA related emails to a couple of fellow hoops freaks. Considering my already strong base of generally spacing off, listening intently to music and wondering about random shit, there was no way I was letting the other guy get the best of me. Forget that. This is Dusty 07!

Once the momentum was on my side, the day was mine. 4-0. On to my standard explosive strength workout:

Depth Plyo Pushups 4x8
Knee Tucks 4x12
(45 seconds rest)
Plyo Pike Press for Height 4x8
Lunge Jumps 4x12
(45 seconds rest)
Full Body Plyo Pushups 4x8
Squat Jumps 4x12
(45 seconds rest)
Power Overs for speed 4x20
Ankle Hops 4x20
(45 seconds rest)
repeat 4 times through

Core Workout:
10 crunches w/ 5 second pause at top
20 Lying Hip Swings
30 sec plank
30 sec right side plank
30 sec left side plank
(45 seconds rest)
repeat 3 times through

I won the workout too.

Me: 5-0.
Monday: 0-5

Tuesday looms.
Workout total
25 minutes explosive
10 minutes core

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