Friday, April 13

Bed-Stuy to Harlem

I didn't know that I'd be helping JP move, but I did it anyway.

I place the blame for this squarely on Julie's shoulders. She snookered me into it with the promise of free quesadillas. There were burritos as well, but they were fish burritos. Not my favorite. As we traveled out to JPs place, I tried to get a sense of how long we'd be out there, but to no avail. Bad news, of course.

As we arrived, I waited for JP to come down and let us in as Julie suddenly thought better of parking in a bus stop because over the 5 minutes we had been there two buses rolled up. Good choice. She had to move all of 100 yards to find a new spot. Admittedly, it was around a corner. I know that it can be hard to imagine things that you can't see.

As the moving-out progressed, JP and I realized that Julie had much grander plans concerning the amount of stuff we were moving on this trip. She was pushing forward with the idea of cramming the rental car chock-full of anything she could grab, while JP and I figured that we'd just be taking a trunk's worth of stuff and maybe we'd put some stuff int he back seat as well. Not that we minded, just that the expectations were completely different.

Taking it all out went quickly as it was a second floor walk-up.

We traveled without incident to the new place up in Harlem, and while carrying the first trip of stuff, it occurred to me that this was going to be much more difficult. This building was also a walk-up. No biggie there. on the other hand it was on the fifth floor instead of the second. Booo.

We pushed through. I was definitely out of breath and unable to figure out how to open the door. I'm not sure that should have been a compound sentence because I'm not sure of the relationship between being out of breath and unable to open the door. Perhaps I'm never good at opening doors? Or, I'm always out of breath? Or there is simply no relationship at all regardless of past performance. Damn. And here I thought I would be saving time by writing a compound sentence.

The end result was that we moved most of his stuff over and on Saturday he'd be conscripting more of his friends to finish the job. No real workout today. But for a light day, I did manage to do a lot of lifting.
Planned rest day


John said...

i do appreciate it. i'm not sure it helped in the long term goal of getting the chip but it made me happy

dusty.rhodes said...

Well, with you, Kelvin (who I might be able to listen to all day) and Julie, it's a pretty fun trip. I can think of far worse people to help move.