Friday, April 6

Bench Sitter

This is a question I've been asking friends and family recently:

What is the smallest salary that you would accept to be the 12th man on an NBA roster?

Initial responses tend to be "a little less than I make now." After some deliberation, the price goes lower and lower.

If you ask me this question, I'd choose a negative salary. I'm not sure exactly how negative I would go at this point, but it is certainly of comparable value of a year at NYU. At least in my eyes. Then again, I went to NYU because out of the 12 colleges I applied to and the 11 I was accepted at, they gave me the best financial aid package, so what do I know.

In any case, traveling around for a year, training and hanging out sounds fantastic to me. I don't care if I get in the game, I'm still in the NBA, getting a per diem and always having the best seats in the house. Sign me up!
Workout Total:
15 minutes ankle rehab
15 minutes interval
15 minutes core

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