Sunday, April 15

Just Stretch It Out

Many complained of hamstring tightness.

Not me, so much. Lower back pain is a different story. This has been a ritual every spring since I joined Pike. After that first practice, I'm always in pain the next day, no matter how I prepare. Perhaps I should take it easier at the first practice, but, well I'm hyper-competitive. Perhaps I could ramp up the intensity and amount of time spent playing before jumping into practice. Perhaps.

In any case, today I paid the piper at the gates of dawn. Getting out of a bed was a chore. Sad for a strapping young lad of 26. Then again, if history is any indicator, for the rest of the season I'll feel great on Sunday mornings. To deal with today I did about an hour of modified stretching and yoga. Kept moving and kept stretching. This will pay dividends as early as this evening when I lay me down to sleep and, quite honestly, feels great anyway.

Ready to resume workouts tomorrow!
Workout total:
1 hour of yoga/stretching
1 trip around the block of long-strided walking

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