Sunday, April 29

Playoff Ballin

If you're not enthralled by GSW vs Dallas...

...then I'm not sure that we can be friends.

This basketball series has everything you could want in the playoffs:

  • Coach v former team
  • Nutty Nellie
  • Crazy Owner Cuban
  • Wilting (probable) MVP Dirk
  • Completely and Utterly Insane Stephen Jackson
  • "Intangible" Josh Howard
  • All-world Baron Davis performance
  • Aggressive Offense (GSW)
  • Aggressive Defense (GSW)
  • Loud as hell Fans (GSW)
  • Dumb fans failing to understand how to help their team (Dallas)
  • Steals
  • Back-breaking Three Pointers
  • Fantastic Offensive Spacing/Cutting (GSW)
  • Tough Guys (S. Jackson, Stack)
  • Free-throw Follies (Andris Biedrins amongst others)
Actually, after looking at this list, if you're not an actual Mavs fan and you're not standing up and cheering for the Warriors during these games, you're a just plain in the wrong. They play exciting and defiant basketball with all of the right on-court subtleties and a great "us vs the world" mentality.

If they pull this off, I will dream of the Warriors meeting the Suns in the West Finals. I can't think of a better series to watch, since the Suns should be meeting the Spurs soon enough.
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