Wednesday, April 11

Seven Seconds or Less

While I haven't had any strategic thoughts based on Jack McCallum's book about the 05-06 Phoenix Suns, the read was particularly fun due to sequences like this:

"I'll tell you right now," says Gentry, "nobody's tougher than that boy right there. Temeber when he got into it with Kirk Snyder, that young player from Utah last year? Here's what happened. Stackhouse tells the kid 'I'm going to kick your ass,' but the kid doesn't think anything about it. Game's over, Stackhouse, who dresses all GQ, goes to the equipment manager and asks for a warm-up suit, puts that on, goes out into the tunnel, sees Snyder, kicks his ass with a couple of punches, goes back into the locker room, returns the warm-up and puts on a nice blue suit. All in a day's work."
THAT is the kind of thing I want to read about when I read these hastily produced sports books. Insane stories about the players in the league, plus solid analysis of strategies and the like. I mean, I don't even particularly like Stack, but this fleshes out the picture of him a little better. UNC alum. All-Star. Dapper Dresser. Ready to kick your ass.

Perhaps we're leading up to a book about ultimate where, instead of glossing over the insane stories surrounding the sport, we get to read about a member of Ring vs a gator, the insanity that is "recruiting" and switching teams in club open, reasons why some ultimate teams are banned due to fire alarms and the top 10 spikes that lead to fights. There are literally thousands of quality stories in the ultimate world (the above just the first that came to mind). To flesh out the book, there are a bunch of players on elite teams who will talk your ear off about their preferred on-field stratagems.

Anyway, the ultimate community could use a good "Year in the Life" book. We already have a history book and a strategy book. This is the next step.
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parinella said...

And John Feinstein would be the man to write it. The story would be the pursuit of the spot to Worlds next summer (Open div). Because of the presence of Furious, it broadens the cast a little. One of you NPR fans should call up and suggest it to him.