Tuesday, April 17

Beth Coltman Memorial

Saw the schedule earlier...

Looks like we get Goodfellas (I don't know who that is) followed by Med Men (including blog visitor Bill Mill) followed by Truck Stop. Perfect. Perhaps the roster of almost 30 people will come in handy? First round bye is pretty sweet as it lets us not stay in a hotel on Friday night. Actually, I wasn't planning on doing that anyway, but I guess this makes it easier.

This tournament was the first tournament of my club open career back in 2003. It was pretty damn sweet that we won that year. I had hopes of going undefeated for the season. Winning your first career tournament like that can definitely give you an inflated ego.


kieffer said...

where is/was the schedule posted?

dusty.rhodes said...

This is an ultimatejournal exclusive!

No further details will be revealed.

wix said...

Delusions of grandeur? Nah.

Speaking of which, don't forget to come say hey to Blackout Redux, i mean, Puppet Regime.

dusty.rhodes said...

Blackout should never have disbanded into "Blackout South" in 06.

I'll never understand why some players (mixed players seem, anecdotally, particularly susceptible to this) want to switch teams every year in hopes of hitting the lottery and going to The Show.

Why not stick together and build a damned team? That's half the fun!