Monday, September 17

Another Resource for Ailing Ultimate Players

So, those myriad aches and pains that you've got really starting to take their toll at this point in the season.

It feels like tournaments and practices and workouts have been going on for eternity. Personally, I don't often mind this feeling mentally, but my body does take a beating. Moreso now that I'm playing D than O, but not that significantly different.

While, as I mentioned before, massages are an important part of my preparation, I don't always have time to get one. Also, there are some things that, while they are temporarily calmed/relieved stick around or return without more focused work. Stretching is a vital component to this, but that alone will not work for everything. When a muscle, or a section of a muscle, is sufficiently tight or balled up or whatever you'd like to call it, stretching that section out may only serve to aggravate the injury.

That's where The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook comes in. I know it all sounds crazy (referred pain and all) but if you check it out honestly and with an open mind, (that is, expect it to work instead of expecting it not to work) you will find these tiny points in your muscles that, when dealt with, will alleviate seemingly unrelated symptoms and pains. I dealt with a significantly painful shoulder injury by massaging my neck. I managed to make my hand feel better by massaging my upper forearm. And so on. I recommend this very highly for repetitive stress-type injuries and also for traumatic event-type injuries.

Just another useful resource that helps me get through the grueling season of this ridiculous sport.
Workout Total:
30 minutes stretching
10 minutes wobble board

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